What’s so nice about Messaging bots?

A common use case that is being adopted at a very fast pace to enhance customer experience are the messenger bots (or most commonly called as “chatbots”). Within just 1 year of its launch, Facebook Messenger reported about 100K unique bots were active on their messaging platform. In 2016 Kik Messenger had already reported about 20K bots operating on its platform. We haven’t even started counting similar bots on other popular messaging platform such as WeChat, Slack, Skype, etc.


Source: F8 2017 Keynote.

But why are so many bots being integrated with messaging platforms? What’s so nice and convenient about them? We will take a look at some of the reasons in this article.

1. Rapidly growing user base

People like to stay connected. While mobile phones provided ability to talk and send short text messages, messaging apps tremendously enhanced that experience. Remember that most of us first started using these messaging “apps” as low-cost alternatives to Voice calls and SMS. There are currently about 4.1 Billion users of various messaging apps. On an average there are about 230 Million active users on some of the popular messaging apps per month.


Source: Statista.com

2. Economy of the Internet

We all know Internet has virtually no geographical boundaries. The cost of connecting with someone across the globe is same as cost to reach your next-door neighbor over a messaging app as compared to traditional means such as telephony and SMS. That said, many messengers now provide push capabilities that allow businesses to push relevant marketing campaigns to users. The flat rate of such push messages makes it very economical for businesses to have a wider, if not global outreach.


3. Ease of using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (a.k.a. AI), which was once a specialized field and required enormous investments has now started to become available for consumption by an average developer. This is not to be confused that AI is becoming simpler! But it is definitely reachable for anyone who intends to leverage it for solving specific problems. Numerous start-ups, through their frameworks have made possible for developers to build bots that can perform routine and non-value-add (but essential) functions with great efficiency. AI is a core part of chatbots. Messaging apps deploy various AI techniques behind-the-scene while leaving us ability to have human-like interactions with them. This greatly enhances customer experience, intimacy and therefore loyalty. There are various researches on how bots lead to improved profitability.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 11.23.58 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-14 at 11.24.16 PM

Source: Article by Accenture on their website showing 
percentage increase in industry profits with AI, 
compared to expected baseline profit levels in 2035. 
Source: Accenture and Frontier Economics



Messaging is easy – “easy” in terms of getting to it on your mobile devices, to learn & understand its intuitive design, to find anyone outside of your address book, and so on. Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers, wouldn’t you like your business to be more accessible, more automated and more responsive? We think they make the perfect tool for automation. What are your thoughts? Please feel free to leave your comments, feedback and point-of-views.


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